Our platform is designed with Musicians in mind. We want to make careers in music more sustainable - here are some tools you'll gain access to when you create a free profile:

The Bandstand - Promote Your Music

The Bandstand is GigLinked's music marketplace where you can create beautiful, interactive, and intuitive profiles to promote your music to event planners, potential collaborators, labels, etc. GigLinked gives you plenty of space to upload videos, photos, and your Spotify account, so anyone who visits your page gets a glimpse into your multifaceted craft.

We know many musicians are both solo artists and a part of a band (or two!). With GigLinked, you can link all of your acts in one place. If a booker lands on your page and wants to book you for an event, they now have the option and are aware they can book your band, trio, quartet, etc. as well! Are you a solo artist, don't fret, there are plenty of gigs out there for you as well!

GigLinked is your Bookings Manager

GigLinked makes it easy to manage all of your gigs in one place.

GigLinked will feature a simple to browse catalogue where event planners, labels, and general music-lovers will come across your profile with ease and be able to book you without friction. When you are requested to play a live set, all of your admin work - payment, invoicing, scheduling, communication - will all be handled by GigLinked and stored for future use. Never fret about keeping your books in order again.

Has someone asked to book you face-to-face, through a messaging app, or social media? Ask them to book you directly through GigLinked to make your life easier and to ensure you get paid on time.

We also simplify scheduling for our musicians. You can easily synchronize your schedule with third-party apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Mail, etc. to make sure you're never double booked and bookers know when you are available.

We make sure you get PAID

Every GigLinked Profile is equipped with a payment processor to make sure you get paid on time.

Here's how it works:
1 -  The booker sends you a request to play a live show. To do so, they must fill out an offer sheet that details ALL the information of the event to ensure no surprises.
2 - You (the musician) reviews the offer sheet, if you like what you see, you send the booker a quote for this show. If you do not like the offer, you can simply refuse it and have the option of leaving a short explanation why.
3 - The booker gets your quote, and they accept or decline. If they accept, they must pay for the gig, either a deposit or the total amount, and we keep this money safe for you until you've completed the gig.
4 - 48hrs after the gig is all we need to make sure everything went according to plan, that's when we send you your money directly to your account.

Last minute cancellations are always an issue with the live gig industry, with GigLinked you're protected. If an event organizer cancels last minute, you still get paid! (More information on cancellations incoming in the coming weeks).

For more information on how GigLinked works, contact us here, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!