Everything you need to know about creating a profile on GigLinked

There are 6 sections to Edit your Profile, as seen here:

1. Upload Profile Picure and Banner Image

On your profile, you will find two camera icons, as seen above.

To change your profile picture, click the camera icon just beside your default profile picture (GigLinked logo)

To change your banner image (the image that runs across the top of your profile), click the camera icon just to the right of "Edit Profile."

Once you have selected the image you wish to upload, drag the resizing tool to match the area of the image you wish to upload. 

If your image is not properly sized, or is not centered, simply upload your image again, and modify the area of your image selected with the resizer tool.

 Pro Tip: As long as the picture has good resolution, the size of the actual image does not matter. 

 Pro Tip: Optimal ratio for profile picture is 1:1, optimal ratio for Banner Image is 1:3

(We are currently perfecting our image optimization for profiles, if after following the recommendations above you are still not satisfied with the look of your banner, please go to the "Support" page and send us an email.)

2. Edit Profile: Overview

  • Stage Name: This is the name that will appear on your personal profile. You can also elect to use your real name.
  • Headline: This is a descriptive one-liner that tell the world a little more about you. Your headline will also appear on your search card (Example #1 below), when bookers and musicians are searching for criteria that relate to your profile.

    Availability and Starting Rate: In order to have access to booking and messaging on GigLinked, you must enter your bank account information (Example #2 below). This ensures security and validity of all profiles. We've partnered with Stripe to ensure all information is secure and private.
  • Availability for Gigs: This signals to other members on the platform that you are open to live-show bookings. When this is set to ON (Green), the Make an Offer call to action will display on your profile for the world to see.
  • Availability for Collaborations: Turn ON (Green) to let other musicians know they can message you to collaborate. Turn off if you do not want this.
  • Starting Rate: Your starting hourly rate give the booker an idea of how much it costs to book your hourly. This rate is not set in stone. When a booker shows interest, they will send you an offer, at which point you can review the offer and judge the appropriate quote to send for confirmation.
  • Tags: To insert tags onto your profile, simply write your tag and hit [ENTER]. To add additional tags, click the "+Add Tags" button.

Pro Tip: You can only enter one tag at a time!

How do tags work?
Tags are used on GigLinked to connect your profile with our search function. If you've inserted the tag "Wedding," onto your profile, then any search using the word "Wedding" will lead to your profile and your Search Card will appear.

What tags should I use?
When deciding on what tags to inlcude on your profile, ask yourself these three questions:
1) What instruments do I play?
2) What genres of music do I play, or want to play?
3) What types of gigs or venues do I want to attract?

  • About (Biography): This is your personal biography. Bookers and fellow musicians will read this to get an idea of how you express yourself, what your experiences are, and what you can bring to the table, as well as to be updated about new things going on in your music career. Be authentic, descriptive, and feel free to elaborate on your wants and ambitions!

    Pro Tip: If you already have a bio, simply copy paste into the text box!

Inspiration For your Bio

1. Engaging introduction
Pull-in your reader with an engaging intro that brings your personality to life. Talk about what kind of energy you bring to the stage and what you bring to the table when collaborating.

2. Background info
Talk about your previous experiences, notable collaborations, tours, or why you started playing music in the first place!

3. Description of your music
Talk about your inspirations, try describing your music as "X meets Y with an added Z." Describe what your audience can expect when hearing your music, and your stage presence.

4. Career highlights and acheivements
You've done so much up to this point, flaunt it a little! Think of some big shows you've played, videos that have gone viral, other musicians you've played with, tours you've been on - we know the list is endless!

5. Media Quotes
Featured in the news? Gotten great feedback from friends or fans? Be sure to let them know their kind words are appreciated :)

6. Up to date info
Jut released an EP, LP? Working on some new music? Include it here, we want to know about it!!

  • Socials: Simply copy paste your social media links into the link boxes and hit [Enter]. If you write these by hand, be sure to include the "https://"

3. Edit profile: Audio

At the date of this publication, GigLinked only allows for the uploading of songs on Spotify. In the foreseeable future, new alternatives will become available.

  • Finding Spotify Song Links:
  1. Go to Spotify (you do not need to have an account for this function
  2. Search the song you wish to add to your profile
  3. Hover over the song (greyed background should contour song)
  4. Click on "..." that appear on the right
  5. Go to "Share"
  6. Select "Copy Song Link"
  7. Paste song link into GigLinked
  8. Click "Add Song"
  • Reordering Songs on GigLinked Profile: Once you have uploaded several songs, you can rearrange them into any order you would like (See Example #4 below).

Pro Tip: GigLinked can only accept individual song links, and not links connecting to an artist profile.

4. Edit your Profile: Videos

Uploading videos gives the viewer of your profile a real-world feeling for your music and your personality. At this time, GigLinked only accepts video uploads from Youtube. 

  • How to upload videos:
  1. Go to the "VIDEOS" tab in Edit Profile
  2. Go to Youtube, and copy the link (URL) for the video of your choice.

    There are 3 ways to do this:
    a) Find your Youtube video and copy the URL in the address bar, or
    b) Find the video you want to upload in Youtube, click on "SHARE," and copy the link that automatically appears, or
    c) In the Youtube menu, find the three vertical dots just under any given video, click, go to share, and copy the link provided.
  3. Paste your link into GigLinked
  4. Click "Add Video"
  • Reordering videos in GigLinked: Similar to reordering Audio (see video above). Click and drag the three Horizontal Lines until you've achieved your desired order. 

5. Edit Profile: Gallery

Upload photos from your computer or smartphone to your gallery.

  • You can upload 1 photo at a time.
  • You can rearrange photos by clicking the 3 horizontal lines (to the right of your picture) and dragging to the desired destination.
  • To Delete your a single photo, or a selection of photos, simply check the empty box in the top-left corner of your image, and click [Delete].

6. Edit Profile: Pricing

The deposit amount is the % of your quote that you require to be paid once the Gig is confirmed.

The other information you enter on this page will be entirely informational, meaning, it will not impact your ability to send the quote of your choosing at the time of booking and confirming a gig request.

The goal of the pricing tab is to allow your potential client an added level of transparency when confirming their booking request for your services.

7. Edit Profile: Acts

GigLinked allows you to manage both individual profile AND group acts (Bands, ensembles, trios, quartets, etc.). We will refer to the latter simply as "Acts."

  • How does income splitting work? As of May 2nd, 2022, when your musical act or ensemble books gigs through the platform, the income generated will be split evenly among musicians in the band.

We are currently working on ways to enhance the experence regarding payment splitting, new features will soon be added to make this more customizable.

*** In order for bands and ensembles to accept payments on the platform, as well as benefit from splitting, each individual member of the ensemble must update their payment information on their personal profiles. 

  • Creating new acts: There are two ways of creating an act:

    1) During Sign-Up: Select "Solo act and Group," at which point your profile will automatically show your act name in "Associated Acts," as well as in the "Acts" tab of "Edit Profile."
    2) Acts tab: Simply write the name of your new act in the text box and click "Create," or hit [Enter].

    When a new act is created, you will immediately see it added to your current list of Acts.
  • View page: When you click on "View Page," you will be taken to your act's profile page. At this point, you can personalize it in the same way you did your personal page (instructions above).
  • Adding band members: In order to add band members to your act, go to "Edit Profile" on your band page. You will find a tab labelled "Members." Here, simply add the names of the members you wish to add (If they are already on the platform), or enter the email address corresponding to the person you wish to add. Your new bandmember will receive an email prompting them to either accept or decline your invitation.

8. Examples

#1: Search Cards

Example #1: Search Cards

#2: Make an Offer and Message Calls to Action.
This will appear on your profile once your banking is set-up.

Example #2: Make an Offer - Call to action button

#3: Spotify Links

Example #3: How to share song link from Spotify

#4: How to reorder your Audio

Example #4: How to reorder audio on your GigLinked profile