Blog #1 - GigLinked is .Live!

Giglinked.Live is up and running!

GigLinked's mission is in its name - to link together local music ecosystems to create new opportunities so live music can flourish for everyone, everywhere.

We aim to bring our core company values to the wider music industry as a whole: Ownership, Transparency, and Equity through an online platform of tools and solutions specifically designed for gig industry participants.

Why GigLinked now?

Musicians faced monumental obstacles working in the gig economy far before the pandemic began. The average full-time musician/singer in Canada in 2016 (it's been a long time since StatsCan reported on this...) had an income level of roughly $18,000CAD - far below the national median income level. Then, the pandemic hit and caused the closing of venues, restricted audience sizes, closed borders among many other chnages that only served to exarcebate problems for musicians and live music.

As the world becomes increasingly divided, Music remains a remedy, a common ground that could bring with it greater harmony. Musicians can be the orchestrators of this harmony and GigLinked strongly believes they need to be treated as the valuable members of society that they are and hence, be provided the resources needed to succeed.

In 2020, we surveyed a large sample of musicians to figure out what their core pain points were and all results pointed to a lack of transparency, inconsistent (or missing) pay, a lack of gigs in general, and a lack of administrative resources. We boiled down these pain points into three core issues, they are: Poor Work Conditions, Limited Exposure, and a Lack of Organization.

What is GigLinked?

GigLinked is an online platform that offers tools to solve these three core issues. The platform is based on two pillars and below is a very brief explanations of our features.

How it works in brief:

The first, Bandstands, is a marketplace where musicians can promote themselves to potential clients online and offline for booking live gigs. Similarly, event organizers of all experience and purpose can browse our catalgue of amazing musicians and signers with the goal of making their events unforgettable through live music performances.
To book a musician, the requestor must fill out an offer sheet detailing all the information about the event they're putting together. This adds transparency between musician and booker.
Once this offer sheet is received by the musician, the latter then replies with a quote for their services et voila! live music is booked for an unforgettable event.

Second, Manager Tools, is a suite of administrative tools that handles all the mundane tasks most musicians and event organizers need to take charge of. Invoicing, expenses, and schedule optimization are all things you can do directly in the GigLinked web-app with a free subscription.

Many more details will be revealed in the coming weeks, sign-up to our newsletter to stay in the know, and help your live music community by becoming a beta tester today!

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