How does it work?

Booking on GigLinked is designed to add transparency and efficiency to an otherwise opaque process. No more surprises the day of a gig, no more confusion about when payment is due - just more trust and simplicity.

How does Booking work on GigLinked?

The booking process on GigLinked is simple.

1- When a booker finds the perfect musician profile on the GigLinked, they'll be greeted with the call to action button "Make an Offer."

Pro tip for Musicians: In order to activate your "Make an Offer" call-to-action button, you must first enter your banking information through our secure Stripe integration.

2- When "Make an Offer" is selected, the booker will be to fill out our "Offer Sheet" - a short series of questions in order to make the agreement as transparent as possible. Questions include: Event type, time and date of the event, location of the event, location of the stage (outdoors or indoors), and much more.

3- On the final page of the Offer Sheet, the pricing summary will appear. Please note that this is for informational purposes only, except for the deposit % amount. This is the amount to be paid upon the time of booking.

Pro tip for musicians: In order to customize the prices shown in the pricing summary, you must go to Edit Profile > Pricing, and adjust the prices accordingly. Please note, the % amount you enter for deposit will indicate how much the booker must pay you upon reserving your services.

4- Once the Offer Sheet is completed, the requested musician or band will receive an email notification to consult the new booking request by either clicking the call-to-action found in the email, or by signing-in to their account on, and navigating to the "Requests" tab on the left.

The booker will receive an email to confirm their request has been sent.

5- It's now up to the musician to either send the booker a quote for performing at the event, decline the request, or to send a message to the booker for more clarity.

6- Once the quote is sent by the musician to the booker, the booker will either confirm or decline the quote, or send a message to the musician for more clarity.

7- Once the quote has been agreed upon by both parties, both will receive a confirmation email detailing the gig, and will receive additional reminder emails one-week before, and the day of the performance date.

8- After the quote is accepted and the gig confirmed, the seposit amount will be withdrawn from the booker's account, and deposited to the musicians' bank account (this may take several days, wait times may vary).

The remainder of the balance will be transferred 2 days following the performance date (wait times may vary).

9- Once the above is complete, an interim invoice will be displayed in the "Billing" section of the platform. When the perfomance is complete, the official invoice will replace the interim invoice. Invoices are available to consult directly on the platform, or to download for your records.

At any time during the booking request or payment, all questions and concerns can be directed to or by going to our Support page on the platform. We will answer promptly.

For Musicians - How do I get gigs on GigLinked?

There are 2 ways to get more gigs through the GigLinked platform:

1) Marketplace gigs: We're designing GigLinked so that it's easy for the right bookers meet the right performers of live music.

** As of May 3rd, our platform is preparing for the launch of our Open Beta, which will include our initial features for musicians. Following our launch, we will be creating additoinal tools to optimize the experience for bookers and the wider live music ecosystem. Stay tuned!

How to optimize profile views on GigLinked:

  • Tags: Be sure to use the appropriate tags so potential clients can find you. We recommend using tags related to a) the type of gigs you want (wedding, bar, corporate...), b) styles of music you play (folk, classical, jazz...), and c) the instruments you play.
  • Headline: Your headline appears directly on your search card, so make sure it helps you stand out! We recommend being your authentic self while describing what makes you and your music unique. Not an easy task, we know, but we believe in you!
  • Price: Your starting hourly rate will also be displayed on your search card, so make sure it is an accurate representation of your worth and expectations.

2) Direct Gigs: These are gig opportunities you made for yourself either through self-promotion, face-to-face meetings or word-of-mouth. We made sure that GigLinked was easy to use for all parties involved, and free for musicians to take advantage of our features such as safe payment processing, scheduling, and gig organizing (detailed offer sheets must be filled-out by the booker prior to requesting a quote).

How to take advantage of GigLinked when booking a gig off-platform:

  • When launching new music: Coming out with a new EP? Just released a new track? Let your devoted fans know that you're open to performing your new material live by sharing your GigLinked profile link on socials, through newsletters, or however else you want!
  • Face-to-face interactions: When someone comes up to you to let you know how much they love your music, or to ask you if you do live performances, simply direct them to your GigLinked profile. This way you're assured that you'll get paid on time, have added transparency, and know exactly what you're getting yourself into. 


For all refund requests, please send an email to

Please note, as of May 3rd, 2022, we are developing a streamlined process to quickly resolve refunds on the platform. This will be made available on the platform later this year.

Secure Payments

We've partnered with Strip for fast and secure transactions and invoicing.
If you would like to learn more about Security at Stripe, click here.

The GigLinked Fee

GigLinked charges a 15% commission fee on top of the accepted and confirmed quote. This fee is taken from the party that requests services. There are no other hidden fees.

If you have any questions about these fees, we'll be happy to answer them. Please email us at